Stockhausen Films : DVD No. 45

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Stockhausen Films : DVD No. 45

DVD No.45

Stockhausen in Lugo: HIMMELS-TÜR and FREUDE
(Colour film by Suzanne Stephens) (Archive No. 166/1).
Durations: 81 minutes.
Contents: World première of HIMMELS-TÜR / HEAVEN’s DOOR (4th Hour of KLANG) for a percussionist and a little girl and a performance of FREUDE / JOY (2nd Hour of KLANG) for 2 harps at the Teatro Rossini in Lugo on June 13th, 2006, with Stuart Gerber (percussion), Arianna Garotti (little girl), Marianne Smit and Esther Kooi (harps). K. Stockhausen, sound projection.

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